Journal of Oceanography Most Cited Paper Award (JOMOCA) is awarded to one or more highly cited papers (acknowledged by Web of Science) published three years before the award year in Journal of Oceanography. A supplementary prize is also given from Springer-Nature.

Award YearAuthorsAwarded paperYear of publication

Iida, Y., Takatani, Y., Kojima, A., Ishii, M.
Global trends of ocean CO2 sink and ocean acidification: an observation-based reconstruction of surface ocean inorganic carbon variables. J Oceanogr 77, 323–358 (2021).

Kida, S., Takayama, K., Sasaki, Y.N., Matsuura, H., Hirose, N.
Increasing trend in Japan Sea Throughflow transport. J Oceanogr 77, 145–153 (2021).