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Online first Articles (on Sept 2021)

ISSN: 0916-8370 (Print) 1573-868X (Online)
Regular Section
Original ArticleYoshimi Kawai, Shigeki HosodaGlobal mapping of 10-day differences of temperature and salinity in the intermediate
layer observed with Argo floats
Special Section, Coastal Ecosystem Change in Asia: Hypoxia, Eutrophication, and Nutrient Conditions
Original ArticleAnukul Buranapratheprat, Akihiko Morimoto, Parattagon Phromkot, Yoshihisa Mino, Vichaya Gunbua, Pachoenchoke JintasaeraneeEutrophication and hypoxia in the upper Gulf of Thailanddoi.org/10.1007/s10872-021-00609-2
Original ArticleHaruo Ando, Hideaki Maki, Nobuhisa Kashiwagi, Yuuichi IshiiLong-term Change in the State of Water Pollution in Tokyo Bay -the improvement trend of bottom layer DO observed in recent years-doi.org/10.1007/s10872-021-00612-7
Original ArticleAkihiko Morimoto, Yoshihisa Mino, Anukul Buranapratheprat, Atsushi Kaneda, Siraporn Tong-u-dom, Kalanyu Sunthawanic, Xiaojie Yu, Xinyu GuoHypoxia in the Upper Gulf of Thailand -hydrographic observations and modeling-doi.org/10.1007/s10872-021-00616-3

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